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4 Benefits to Taking Time Off Work

Alone time at the 'office' while everyone is out during the holidays can be tempting to many executives because it is quiet and presents an opportunity to get things done while 'no one is around'. This is causing you more harm then good. So lets talk about why.

Under the wrong impression.

Measuring success occurs throughout the year. Not the amount of projects you can squeeze into the weeks that staff are out of the office. Perhaps you take this time to make a list of everything you want to accomplish before Dec 1 next year in order to not rush the last few weeks of the year to complete things. Are you really successful if you can't take a break for the holidays with your family and friends?

Your body needs it.

Your overall mental, physical, and emotional health is improved when you take a break and decompress. Burnout is real and is detrimental to your health. When we burnout our cognitive abilities are significantly impaired and we are incapable of working to our potential. Relax and recharge. You will have more brain power when you come back to kickstart new projects and ambitions for the new year.

Its infectious.

It is widely spoken about - the 4 day work week. Allowing this kind of flexibility in your schedule to balance both personal and work triggers positivity and stability. When you are stable and leading, your staff is able to mimic the attitude you are embodying. Now, I am not saying move to a 4 day work week right now. I am saying take a pause, recollect and reassess how you feel when you get back. Take a look into your productivity before and after the break. What were the deliverable benefits. Pause to see your staffs productivity after a break. I guarantee you see improvements. Maybe its something you implement further.


Perhaps you are stuck right now. Perhaps your company needs to make a shift. Its hard to know big shifts and high-level views when you are stuck in the weeds. Getting a reprieve from work is good for business. It enables you to reset and recharge. If you don't not only will your mental health suffer and stress levels increase, it will trickle into your business and staffs livelihood.

Success comes from advancements and balance. Take the break this time around and come back with the mindset you need to further yourself and your company. Looking to get some help with organizing your work day when you get back? Schedule a call with me.

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