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Featured in: 22 Ways to Connect With Customers During a Crisis

Part of a large article with great peers, Nicole's advice to connect with customers during a crisis:

Pay it forward.

“This pause is not about making the sale. It’s about helping others. Our advertising strategy has turned into personal social media marketing by our team. We offer free strategic webinars to help business owners at a time they are in need of answers. We send personal emails to those who reach out to us. Paying it forward is what is needed right now. We have adjusted our models to fit our client’s needs and we are grateful that our business model and platforms allow for this shift. For years, we have talked to our clients about the importance of process, policies, compliance, and true structure in a business for growth and success. It has never been more evident to us that our beliefs in a strong foundation are essential for every business owner. Our structure keeps us going during this pause. It allows us to help others. It is truly rewarding to pay it forward during this unprecedented time.” — Nicole Gallicchio, COO

Full Article:

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