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Featured in: The Art of Remote Team Management

Featured along top executives, Nicole shares her trusted Remote Team Management Routines

We use video for almost all of our meetings, not just our ad hoc ones. When working remotely video enhances the communication and bridges gaps that develop during virtual teams. We utilize zoom for almost every meeting.

Zoom not only allows for video but also recording of meetings. It is difficult to connect when you are not in the same workspace, however, adding a visual and audio component helps bridge this gap.

Create an environment that has an in office feel and that is conducive to working remotely. Seeing facial expressions and interacting one-on-one helps to create physiological perceptions for an in office experience. We do weekly team meeting in which all team members are actively participating in meetings. Our chat feature allows us to have a culture in which we are constantly in communication with team members. Conducting trainings on topics our employees want to grow and develop upon sets the tone for our company mission.

Set goals for your team members that can be quantified and obtainable. There are numerous project management softwares available at your finger tips. Using these softwares will allow your entire team access to be up to speed on each project regardless of when they are available to check in.

Be as clear as possible on expectations and deadlines on projects. Setting expectations in person can sometimes lead to misconceptions.

Remember that we all think differently, and bring different skill sets to the able. Use this to your advantage in the virtual field. Encourage your team to share what they know. The internet is seemingly infinite and cross communicating can logistically increase your teams knowledge base two-fold.

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Eighty-two power players in their field shared what insights they use to keep their organizations and teams in tip-top shape.

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