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Take a Seat at the 9 Figure Table

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Capitalizing on the availability of the virtual space can double and triple your business and network. Earning a seat at the right table is now within easier reach due to the advances and notoriety of social media platforms.

The virtual space has opened doors that would have been nearly locked shut before.

In ten years you may be kicking yourself for skipping over these growing opportunities. The difference could be, "my business does okay" vs. "my business makes over 9 figures".

Before today, could you have had a conversation with big name CEOs, celebrities, authors, or artists? I am gathering the answer is a hard no. Without a ton of high-profile connections, you likely would never have been given the opportunity.

Maybe you would have seen them speak at a conference… if you spent the money to travel… if you paid for a VIP pass... maybe you would have had a short meet and greet, but how far would that have gotten you? Maybe you would have sent an email to schedule a call, but would it have gone answered?

Taking advantage and grasping at what is readily available right now should be a complete no-brainer.

A passion of mine is consistently learning more about Space. However, I always find it difficult to find conversations on these topics. Yes, there are books, forums and podcasts, but it is not conversational and its difficult join in and ask questions and participate in a discussion. Last week though, I was able to join into a conversation on an app with several astrophysicists and NASA engineers about life in the universe. This was a lecture, a small table meeting, a conference call, all rolled in to one – and I was able to actively participate!

Now what about getting your career kicked started in a big way?

Recently, a lifelong friend of mine that has been pursuing his art career for nearly 30+ years, became one of the top 100 artists of new artists. The boom of working and connecting virtually has given him the opportunity to speak to famous artists and celebrities about art and up-and-coming economic avenues. He is now a top global speaker on NFT’s and his entire art collection has sold out in a matter of several weeks. Success doesn't happen overnight but the possibilities are available at your literal fingertips now more than ever. If you are interested in learning more about the exponentially growing NFT community follow him HERE.

Now, social media is not new, obviously, but the pandemic has forced the convenience of connecting in the virtual space. The enhancements of software’s and new apps are seemingly popping up everywhere. Don’t wait for new apps to become overly crowded and your voice easily able to fall at the wayside.

Top Three Next Steps

1. Research new platforms – once you start in the circle of chatter it will snowball.

2. Network - but take the time to personally reach out to the people you want to connect with.

3. Don’t be afraid to take part in discussion’s – go outside of your comfort circle - ask questions - be an active participant.

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