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Thinking Like a CEO?

It is very easy to get consumed by the day to day tasks, the sort of run in the mud things. It is also easy to lose sight of what needs to be prioritized and forgetting what is conducive to continued company growth. Remembering to lead and set an example for the company can sometimes get lost in the mud. Taking a self assessment can help clarify if you are maintaining the path of thinking like a CEO.

  • Does your team look up to you for leadership?

  • Are you spending your time wisely?

  • What continued development projects are currently at hand?


You are a leader. Not everyone at your company is your friend. Not everyone at your company is going to like you. Your team should be turning to you for leadership and guidance. A true leader is going to encourage and help others achieve greatness.

Being the Chief Executive Officer is going to require making decisions for the benefit of the company, not for individual team members. Making hard decisions is what is going to separate you from success and failure. Your goal should be success of your business and success of your employees as a whole.

Chronically seeking knowledge and personal advancements will inhabit successful ideologies and set exemplary examples for your team members.


Trusting others to complete the work is one of the hardest aspects of delegation. Learning when, what and how to delegate is a close second. We tend to easily say, "oh I can do that real quick" or "it will take me to much time to train someone to do that". But this is not the mindset of a true CEO.

Make a list of the day to day tasks that can be accomplished by someone else. Hire an assistant or delegate to another team member. Being a CEO requires strategic and futuristic planning, not day to day administrative tasks.

Some helpful tips: Think to yourself, how much are you making per hour? The tasks you are accomplishing should all be accurately at that pay scale. For example, how much are you paying yourself to clean up your inbox each day? Test it out and do the math.


Are you thinking into the future, or are you solely worried about the now? Putting processes in place will allow for the now to be taken care of while you focus on the future. Automated processes are timely to set up but in the long run will allow for a "set it and forget it" mentality, elevating much needed brain space.

If you are not focusing on moving the company forward, then who is?


Don't procrastinate, make lists, and don't waste your time trying to figure out what to do next. Maintain a clear focus by planning ahead and executing tasks on time.

Time block and take set action items. When something goes wrong, spend less time venting and more time focusing on what steps to put in place to take corrective actions and preventative measures. When something goes right, document the action items that what worked and how can you replicate this in the future.

Get obsessed with efficiency. You can't add any more time to your day, but you can sure as hell make better use of the time you do have.
-Tom Bilyeu


Start thinking like a CEO and set your focus on:

Efficiency, Development, Growth & Success.

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